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Sütaş Ayran is the ideal beverage for the ones who want to quench their thirst, refresh and complete their meals with a delicious, natural and healthy drink.

Sütaş Ayran replenishes the water and minerals that body loses with sweating. It protects your body's fluid balance with electrolytes; keeps you fit.  It has a positive effect on the health of bone and tooth structure with its calcium and potassium content. Sütaş Ayran is sugar free, has no additives, 100% natural and healthy drink. 

Sütaş Ayran is a perfect accompanist to meals, makes meals tastier and adds joy to the meal tables with its unique taste and full texture. 

Sütaş Ayran makes you feel good with your right decision for beverage choice.

Sütaş Ayran, Feel Good, Feel Fresh! 

  • Sütaş Ayran
    Sütaş Ayran